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+ Webadmin Manual
The sole purpose of this document is to provide complete information regarding efficient management of hcnix panel. The Target audience includes Webadmins. This guide supplies detailed information of hcnix panel in a comprehensive manner. It is specifically written with a view point to provide easy and quick understanding of all the technicalities of the panel in terms of its usage.

Please, read this document to have absolute information and to avoid any type of ambiguity related to hcnix panel management and monitoring.


Hosting Manager


+ General
HC assures proficient management of all your users and websites. The modules in this section provides user friendly interfaces that are simple to use and thus offers easy monitoring of users and websites without any hassle.

+ Hosting Manager

HCnix not only offers efficient management of your plans, payments and funds but also provides comprehensive usage reports. The modules in this section manages your plans, payments and reports in an organized manner.

+ Toolbox
Like any other toolbox, HCnix offers a comprehensive toolbox as well that provides certain tools to manage System Services and Click & Install Applications.

+ System

HCnix offers a separate section for you so that various servers can be managed in an efficient and simple manner. This section allows you to easily configure various servers related settings and handle website migration more proficiently with its user-friendly interfaces.


Partners and Resellers

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