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About UsWe can work with all of the ecommerce platforms on the market today, we can implement new design looks and templates as well programming customizations. Even all this we have our own ecommerce platform and we call it OSJavaCommerce.

OSJavaCommerce has a modular architecture consisting of different software layers that contains the core functionality of the eCommerce application and plug in modules for Shipping Methods, Payment Systems, Event Managing and Module extending functionalities.

The application is written in Java which proved flexibility, proficiency, platform portability, and security makes it the ideal technology for developing web applications. It works with a variety of robust open source frameworks and libraries used worldwide like STRUTS, Hibernate, Velocity, Groovy, Lucene, Apache Commons, etc.

The application is based on a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern, implemented by the popular framework STRUTS. The persistence of data is carried out using Hibernate through DAO and POJOs. Lucene is used for high-performance, full-featured indexing and searching content. The view layer is developed with Velocity, a template rendering engine, which in this case helped with hierarchical theme's creation. JQuery is used in UI for providing a good user experience with friendly controls and widgets.

The application can be deployed on most servlet engines / application servers including JBOSS, Resin and Tomcat.

Thanks to its underlying technology, OSJavaCommerce can support most popular databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server.